ERUUF is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), the central organization for UU congregations in the United States. The UUA governing by-laws outline our Principles and Sources, the UUA’s Purposes, our Inclusion clause, and Freedom of Belief Statement with the section identified as Article II. The by-laws require that Article II be studied and potentially revised every 15 years. In 2020, the UUA established and charged a Study Commission for this purpose.

UUA Article II Status

On December 7, 2023, UU World published an article,

"As Unitarian Universalists Reassess Core Beliefs, Article II Study Commission Reflects on Progress Made,"

about the work of the Article II Study Commission and where the conversation is right now.

In October 2023, the final proposed revision to Article II was completed by the Article II Study Commission. This link provides details for process, timeline, and context on this important work of the Unitarian Universalist Assocation in preparation for the final vote which will occur at General Assemby in June 2024.

Read more: UUA Article II Status

Overview of Article II Commission

The UUA Board committed to establishing the Article II Study Commission to consider possible amendments to Article II.

Charge to the Article II Commission (this outlines the scope and purpose of their work).

The Commission was formed in response to discussions, projects, resolutions, task forces, and other strategies from the UUA Board, Commission on Appraisal, and grassroots groups which encouraged the UUA to take a look at our principles, purposes, bylaws, and rules. It is time for us to review and make changes so that we are living into the Unitarian Universalism of the future, a Unitarian Universalism that holds us in times of great need and ethical, moral, and spiritual crises. We are in one of those times now.


2023 GA Delegate Report & Article II

Message From Rev. Jacqueline Brett and
Connie Pearcy, Chair of ERUUF’s Board of Trustees

September 8, 2023

Dear Members and Friends of ERUUF:

This past June, several members of ERUUF represented our congregation in person and virtually as delegates to the UUA General Assembly (GA). On Sunday, September 24, at 12:30 pm in the Commons Room, delegates will report out about their experience and the results of key votes that took place at this year's GA. Several votes significant to our denomination occurred this year; please book your calendar for the 24th to hear more about them!

Read more: 2023 GA Delegate Report & Article II

The Article 2 Study Report

The Article 2 Study Report, 2021-2023 was released in January and is now available on the UUA website. Details on the next round of reviews and comments are pending.

Links to documents:

UUA President, Rev Susan Frederick-Gray's letter: "Why Change Our UU Principles"

The full Article 2 Study Report to the UUA Board: This is a thoughtful and thorough report prepared by lay UU leaders and a ministerial representative, well worth reading. The Charge to the Commission and the Approach are very helpful for context. Be sure to read the current Article 2 on page 17 before reading the proposed revision on page 19. Reading the text silently, then aloud is recommended.

Next steps in the review process will be shared as soon as the are announced by the UUA.

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