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Dear Religious Education Teacher,

Thank you for answering the call to teach, guide, nurture, learn from, sing, dance, and play with the children in this congregation. In this coming year, you will serve as moral and spiritual guides for children here at Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. In this role, you will help children develop their personal identities, U.U. faith, and spirituality. You will be opening their minds, hands, and hearts. It is good work.

Throughout the year, the R.E. Ministry Team and I will offer workshops and resources to expand your teaching tool box as well as to deepen your personal religious and spiritual grounding. We, children and adults, are all in constant progress, emerging, becoming. We are growing as human beings, as spiritual beings, as R.E. Teachers. The R.E. Ministry Team and I are committed to supporting your work as well as your growth as a spiritual guide for our children and youth at ERUUF. I see you Religious Education Teachers as Spiritual Directors for our children, and in this role, you are responsible for tending and guiding the spiritual and moral development of our children, of the rising generation.

The more we care for and strengthen our own spirits, the more we can support our children's spiritual lives. I strongly encourage you to consider committing to a daily spiritual practice, for at least the year(s) you serve as an R.E. teacher. I am happy to talk with you about what practice might be a good fit for your life. Below are numerous Spiritual Direction and R.E. resources which will deepen your skills and capacity as an R.E. Teacher. Thank you for taking seriously the very serious nature of children's inner lives.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me about anything R.E. I am here to make teaching fun, meaningful, and rich, and I love talking about Religious Education.

Yours in faith,
Julia Tyler
Director of Religious Education

“The essential qualities of a good church schoolteacher are a love of children, a sense of wonder about life, empathy and the ability to listen, and a willingness more to share who you are than what you know.” -Dr. Barry Andrews, U.U. Minister of Religious Education


Our Curriculum

Learn more about ERUUF's Religious Education curriculum here



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R.E. Teacher Handbook

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Continuing Education R.E.sources for Teachers

Ways to answer questions that parents new to the R.E. program might ask
Racial equity and inclusion support in R.E.
Including people with disabilities
Support for U.U. R.E. Teachers


Continuing Ed PDFs for Spiritual Directors

5 Steps for Giving Feedback

Boundaries in Spiritual Direction


Empathy Worksheet

The Emergence of a Director

Notes on Empathy

Building Helping Skills: Nonverbal Communication

Evidence of Good Listening and Poor Listening