Connect - Engage - Transform From Visitor to Leader

We invite each person who arrives at ERUUF to embark on pathways of spiritual growth and engagement in our liberal progressive faith. The pathways encourage a personal search for truth and meaning, engage the human longing for community, and ultimately transform us as we deepen in our spiritual commitments and put our UU faith and values into action in the world around us.

Here’s a map of how that journey would look for many of us, with suggested points along the way:

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Pathway to Membership

Becoming a member of ERUUF represents a deeper and more intentional connection with our faith community. It also involves discerning whether ERUUF fits with your values, interests and needs.

As a Fellowship of highly committed members, we want you to take some time to visit with us on Sundays to be with the gathered community, and perhaps also participate in activities or events within the Fellowship, as you give thoughtful consideration to the important decision of joining ERUUF.

Membership at ERUUF is open to all people, 16 years of age and older. Joining involves three important actions:

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Once You Have Joined

You will be invited to enter into covenant with the entire congregation on a New Member Sunday and participate in an event held in your honor.

Engage and deepen your exploration as a member by learning about UU Principles and Sources, history, theology, identity, and more throughout Finding Yourself at ERUUF courses. Also, seek out the opportunities at ERUUF to:

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Role: Director of Membership