Members express their commitment to ERUUF in many ways—by pledging annually, by donations for special projects, as well as through countless volunteer hours. Regular visitors (aka "friends") may also consider generosity as a spiritual practice. When you invest in ERUUF with your money, time, and talent, you may feel more engaged with the Fellowship, and more a part of all the transformative activities that make ERUUF so valuable. 

Ways to Give

Generosity is a spiritual practice that is encouraged by every world religion. When you give generously you open your heart as well as your wallet, and this helps create a feeling of kinship; it helps us feel connected to something larger than ourselves.


Give Now

Giving to ERUUF is simple and secure. We have partnered with Kindrid/ so you can decide how and when to give!

  • Schedule your gift
  • Become a sustainer (set up recurring gifts)
  • Change payment methods
  • Credit Card, checking account, or savings account giving
  • Give via text 

You'll receive a confirmation for each gift or recurring change that you submit.

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Legacy and Planned Giving

We invite you to create a legacy of giving to help sustain ERUUF’s vision into the future. Sometimes called planned giving, legacy giving designates assets in your estate and comes to fruition upon your passing. At its simplest, you create a legacy when you include ERUUF in your will. Legacy gifts may also come from insurance or retirement accounts or charitable trusts. 

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Staff Partner: Rev. Daniel Trollinger, Executive Minister, Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Lead Minister

Give Stocks and Securities

Gifts of stock to non-profit organizations provide a way to leverage the value of securities held for more than one year. At the time of the donation you can get a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock. Here are details for transferring appreciated securities to ERUUF.  

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Generosity Sundays

Creating an opportunity for the ERUUF community to practice collective generosity, we give away the collection plate offering on a designated Sunday to a Durham nonprofit aligned with UU values and working for social justice. Nominate one of your favorite Durham nonprofits!

Giving Circles

ERUUF supports the giving circle, InfUUsions, which has given about $170,000 to local organizations over the past twenty years. Their members report that it is a powerful way to put UU principles into action; to effect change; to learn more about non-profit organizations; to benefit our community.

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IRA Distribution

Give from your IRA (if age 70½ or older): Regardless of whether you itemize your taxes, gifting funds from your IRA to ERUUF or the Foundation helps you fulfill your required minimum distribution and is not considered taxable income.

Referred to as a qualified charitable distribution or simply a charitable IRA rollover, you can use funds from your traditional IRA to donate to a qualified charity, including ERUUF or the Foundation. If you are age 70½ or older, you can donate funds from your IRA without it being considered a taxable distribution.

How does a Qualified Charitable Distribution from an IRA Work?

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Donate Sunday Flowers

ERUUFians gather on Sundays to build community. Flowers are a key part of each service, a focal point for reflection, evidence of member generosity, and an opportunity to share memories and values.

Congregants provide flowers to honor a special person or to celebrate an occasion they want to share with fellow worshippers.

There are two ways to donate flowers: make a contribution to the flower fund ($45.00) or order through Victoria Park Florist.

Donate flowers

You are welcome to contact the Flower Team for further questions.