Board News - November 2019

ERUUF’s Board of Trustees welcomes new members Ed Hoefle and Carolyn Lekavich to the Board this year. We are grateful that Julie Edmunds and Bob Brown (Finance Liaison) agreed to continue to serve (Julie for one year and Bob for a full 3-year-term). Other board members are Bonnie LaCroix (Chair), Albert Hardy, Lenora Harris-Field (Secretary), Joan Tilghman, and Helen Wolfson.

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Board News - June 2019


by Kristi Chilton, outgoing Board chair

The members of ERUUF’s 2018/2019 Board of Trustees were Bob Brown, Rev. Deborah Cayer, Julie Edmunds (Secretary), Albert Hardy, Lenora Harris-Field, Bonnie LaCroix (Finance Liaison), Barb Sheline, Joan Tilghman, Helen Wolfson and me, Kristi Chilton (Chair). Each of these individuals brought unique gifts, and it was an honor to lead such a devoted, thoughtful, capable team of people.

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Annual Meeting 2019

ERUUF's annual congregational meeting is Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 12:15 pm after the service (one service at 10:30 am).

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Board News - May 2019

The Board of Trustees is proud to announce a Vision statement for ERUUF.

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Board Listening Sessions

All members are encouraged to attend one of the upcoming listening sessions (April 7 and April 14 after each service in the Sanctuary) to offer input into potential bylaws changes.

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Board News - March 2019

Our annual pledge campaign has launched, and it is time to consider how each of us will support ERUUF financially in the upcoming fiscal year. As Rev. Cayer shared with us, there is much good news. ERUUF is in excellent condition and has experienced abundant growth in 2018 with increases in both membership and member engagement. But, “it takes a village,” a village of staff and volunteers to support and sustain this growth.

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Board News - Feb 2019

As a non-profit organization, ERUUF is governed first by its bylaws and then by its policies. The current bylaws were written in 2010 when ERUUF first implemented Policy Governance. Unlike policies, which may be changed by a vote of the current Board of Trustees, bylaws can only be changed by a congregational vote.

Over the past few months, the Board of Trustees has carefully reviewed our current bylaws. Our goal was to ensure that they accurately and clearly reflect how we currently operate or wish to operate in the future.

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Board News - Jan 2019

Our Visioning process is well underway. The image created here is a visual representation of the input provided by workshop participants in October. As members sought to imagine a future-state ERUUF (7-10 years from now), these are the words that came to mind. 

Unlike the mission of ERUUF that focuses on a description of the ministry of the congregation, its reason for being, and place in the world; our vision focuses on our image of an ideal future state and a description of what changes in the world will have resulted from our work.

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Board News - Dec 2018

Planned Giving at ERUUF

We are excited to announce that the Organizational Development and Planned Giving Task Forces have concluded their work on the Planned Giving Program, and have turned it over to Planned Giving Team for the next stages of implementation. Please welcome team members Alice Alexander, Holly McKinney, Beth Harvat, and Jean O’Barr!

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Board News - Nov 2018

UPDATE on ERUUF’s VISION STATEMENT: Approximately 90 ERUUF members worked for 3.5 hours in 5 workshops on Sat, Oct 27, in a proven, sequential process to establish ERUUF’s vision statement for what and where we want to be in the next 7-10 years.  Afterwards, the facilitators, Board of Trustees members and Coordinating Team explored and combined statements from the workshops. The Board of Trustees will continue to review, discuss, and consolidate the results at the November meeting. Stay tuned for additional opportunities for congregational input as we work to finalize the statement. Thank you to ALL those who participated in person and in the online survey. This is hard but important work and we are grateful.