Welcome to the Religious Exploration (R.E.) program for our Children and Youth! We are glad you are here. Every Sunday, a committed and enthusiastic team of volunteer teachers, parents, and staff create a nurturing space to explore liberal religious life with creativity, curiosity, and openness. Together we worship, we explore sources and traditions of our Unitarian Universalist faith, and we search for meaning in life’s big questions. We use our bodies, hearts, and minds to care for ourselves, each other, and our world. The Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship seeks to support and deepen the spiritual lives of people of all ages, races, genders, backgrounds, and identities. We are a congregation of open hearts, open minds, and open hands. Welcome!

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New families are invited to sign-up for the ERUUF Parents Google group. This group provides key communication in order to stay up to date with R.E. programs, events, resources and to connect with other ERUUF families.  If you'd like to be added to this group, please contact ERUUF Religious Exploration

What is Religious Exploration for Children and Youth at ERUUF?

Religious Exploration for Children and Youth at ERUUF encourages children and youth to ask and seek their own answers to the BIG questions; who are we, where do we come from, and how should we live our lives.

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What is the ERUUF philosophy of the Religious Exploration for Children and Youth?

The mission of ERUUF Religious Exploration for Children and Youth is to deepen spiritual growth in a joyous covenantal community with inclusive, diverse, and multigenerational experiences within and beyond our walls.

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What is Taught in the Children's Classes?

Religious Exploration for Children and Youth focuses on creating a welcoming environment for children and youth that reflects our UU values.

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When Does the Religious Exploration Program Begin?

Classes usually start the second week of September and end the week before Memorial Day weekend and happen during the 11am service on Sunday. There is special RE programming offered for all ages starting in June and ending when regular school year programming starts.

What Are My Responsibilities as a Parent?

You are your child's primary spiritual nurturer. Our job is to assist you in your faith formation so you can support your child's spirit journey. We recommend you get to know your child's teaching team and volunteer in his or her class regularly.

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What if I am new?

New families wanting to bring children and youth for RE should attend our 11am worship. When children leave for RE, parents and guardians should join them outside to send children off to the RE classes. We will make sure we have your important information at that time. After service, guardians and parents should come pick up children at the CARE Building at 12:15pm.

If you are a family who has a child under the age of 3, parents and guardians may bring their children to the nursery in the CARE Building before the service begins. Also, feel free to reach out to RE Coordinator Melissa Smith () and Rev. Jim () if you have any questions before your visit.

Our Teachers, Staff and Volunteers

The Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s Religious Exploration program is a collaborative ministry supported by both professional staff and volunteers from the fellowship community.

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Expectations of Child/Youth Behavior and Parent Consent

Positive behavior, interaction and participation are the basic principles of a healthy and safe learning environment. Negative behaviors detract from the learning environment we strive to create in the ERUUF Religious Exploration programs and the CARE building. These behaviors include disruptive activities, refusing to positively participate in activities, disrespect of others. No violence in word or deed. No “put downs”, only “pull ups”. No weapons, real or imaginary. No exclusive behavior.

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Who do I contact with questions?

Rev. Jim Lewis, Minister of Lifespan Faith Development and Pastoral Care


Melissa Smith, R.E. Coordinator

Jennifer Nelson, Youth Specialist

Appointments by arrangement.



Sunday Morning Religious Exploration

RE Programs 2023During our 11am Sunday morning service, our children and youth preschool through grade 8 participate in Religious Exploration in the CARE Building after the Time For All Ages in service. They are grouped in similar age groups: PreK, Kindergarten-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, and 6th-8th Grade.

Through the Soul Matters curriculum, they will be focusing on the same broader themes that ERUUFians are engaging each month in worship and in Covenant Groups and Chalice Circles. This learning happens through playing, discussing, community building, learning about Unitarian Universalism, considering their own beliefs, creating/building, finding out about other faith traditions and more.

For specific class times, visit the ERUUF calendar of events or contact the RE Staff.   Register Now


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Religious Exploration (R.E.) Bundle o' News

If you are interested in being added to the RE listserv or helping with these events please contact Melissa Smith.

 Please make sure your child/youth is registered so that we can have all the information we need to welcome them into their RE classes.

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