ERUUF Strategic Plan 2023-2026

The Strategic Plan for ERUUF is developed as a cooperative effort by the Coordinating Team and the Board of Trustees. The Plan identifies the areas of focus and development that will guide ERUUF's budgeting and program decisions over the next three years.  This 2023-26 plan articulates priority work for the congregation, during which ERUUF members, ministers, and staff will continue to engage in shared ministry. Our commitments to caring, compassion, spiritual growth, equity and inclusion, and communication and awareness form the foundation for our work together.

The 2023-26 Strategic Plan defines five goals:

  1. Expand and deepen our commitment to diversity through the implementation of ERUUF’s Racial Equity & Inclusion (REI) Theory of Change.
  2. Center relationships with and the needs of families, children, and youth in the life of the congregation
  3. Engage deeply in social justice and earth justice personally, within our congregation, and the larger community.
  4. Create and implement a sustainable plan for finance, facilities, and communications that supports us in achieving our Mission and Vision.
  5. Strengthen, deepen, and expand our relationships between ERUUF and the larger UU denomination.

The 2023-2026 Strategic Plan was created from the following sources:

  • ERUUF’s Mission, Vision, and Fellowship Covenant
  • Ministerial Search Congregational Record and small group discussions during 2022 Candidating with Rev. Jacqueline Brett
  • World Café meetings (virtual and in-person) on the goal topics
  • Board of Trustees Annual Vision of Ministry from 2020-2023
  • ERUUF’s Ends

Members of the Coordinating Team currently are Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Rev. Daniel Trollinger, Nancy Henley, and Bonnie LaCroix. Together with the members of the Board, they encourage you to reflect on this plan and how it can be translated effectively into the shared ministry programs at ERUUF.

pdfStrategic Plan 2023-26.pdf