December 15, 2019

9:00 & 11:15 am
Holiday Singing Service
Rev. Deborah Cayer

ERUUF’s many musical groups share their gifts to create this morning’s service. Congregational singing and brief readings by the ministers help weave this service together. All are welcome at this service for all ages; child care will be provided for ERUUF’s youngest in the Nursery.

December 18, 2019

7:00 pm
Jazz Vespers for the Holidays
Rev. Jacqueline Brett
Music: NCCU Jazz Ensemble

We are excited to continue our collaboration with members of North Carolina Central University’s (NCCU) Jazz Studies Program in creating a series of five Jazz Vespers worship services during 2019-20. Jazz Vespers for the Holidays: Connecting Communities through Worship and Jazz, has been made possible with a grant from the Eno River Fellowship Foundation. Learn more at

December 22, 2019

10:30 am
The Stuff of Stars
Rev. Deborah Cayer
Music: Kate Lewis

Once there was nothing, then an explosion that brought the universe into existence.  And now at times for each of us, out of seeming nothingness, a seed planted in darkness suddenly comes blazing to new life. Earth Justice members Lila Rosa, Denise Frizzell, and Cheryl Turney explore these awesome mysteries this morning with Rev. Cayer. Kate Lewis, guest musician.    

December 24, 2019

5:00 pm

Our children have been preparing for the pageant, written by Paul Baerman, with great support from members of the Eno River Players. There will be carol singing by the congregation and at the end we’ll all pass the light in the darkness, candle to candle.

December 24, 2019

7:30 pm
Candlelight Service
Rev. Deborah Cayer

We remember the Christmas story in words, with carols and choral music. Local director, Ms. Scott Hill conducts the Christmas Eve Choir.  At the end of the evening we pass the light candle to candle to light up the darkness.