Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.

Developmental Youth Ministry Specialist

What is a Developmental Youth Ministry Specialist? Besides being a mouthful, this position is both unique and temporary: unique because no other position at ERUUF claims “specialist” (though every paid staff position here requires a degree of specialist skills), and temporary because the “developmental” part should be finite and complete by this summer. In order for this ministry to be sustainable and fulfill the mission of transforming young lives, we need to establish a few basic building blocks.

Why was I hired as the Developmental Youth Ministry Specialist? I believe there was literally an “aha” moment during my interview when Deb, Julia, and I all realized that there was some formational work that needed to be done for youth programming that was more urgent than ministerial work at this moment in time. As an educational leader, I bring the skill set of understanding, facilitating, and directing a necessary cultural shift in the program to bridge the perceived gap between the “grown up” sanctuary and the CARE building. I accepted the position because I, too, share your hopeful vision of ERUUF transforming lives.

So, I hit the ground running, taking direction from Julia about where to dig and what to research. We put together a fabulous Youth Ministry Team of dedicated members including two youth from the High School Youth Group. Together, we are planning a Visioning Session for the afternoon of February 17 after services to hear from all of you – the wonderful members and friends of ERUUF who support the Youth Ministry with your time, good wishes, sharing of space, and of course, financial gifts. Youth ministry has the potential to grow ERUUF’s community and add to its vibrancy and effectiveness as a place of spiritual growth and justice building. What are your ideas to make this real? Ensuring that Youth Ministry is the interconnected part of ERUUF that it should be, will take all of us.

Please join us on February 17th after the service to be part of this transformational process with the Youth Ministry at ERUUF. Prior to the Visioning Session, please take a moment to take this short survey (by Feb 1).



August is upon us, bringing with it back-to-school energy, orientations, retreats, camping trips, new classes, new friends, new teachers. August, with all it's newnesses, holds the promise of possibility. We sign up and sign on for the possibilities of personal and communal transformation.

In R.E., we let ourselves dream of the possibilities. We dream and we hunger for truly beloved community, for creating spaces for us to become our true selves in authentic and just relationship with others in their true selves. We come together knowing beloved community is only possible with community, with each other, and with practice.

Everything is possible. And we can begin here in Religious Education. Come and join us.



Teacher Appreciation

Hello R.E.!

This last Sunday was our last day of the regular R.E. program year, before we start Summer R.E. All R.E. classes celebrated the year, reflected on the stories, games, songs, discussions, and spiritual practices they have experienced over the course of the year. During the worship service, we took a moment to recognize many ERUUFians who have given their time and their love to working with our children and youth this year.

Teachers, thank you for all your love and care for the children and youth in this congregation. This is a real gift. The seeds of wisdom you've planted will last a lifetime and will ripple out through relationship. It has been a joy working with you all this year, and inspiring to know that together we can raise the next generation with strong morals, spiritual practices, and compassion.

This coming Sunday begins the Summer R.E. program. Prek-8th grade will be making "Something Out of Nothing," and exploring evolution, creation, magic, and wonder.

You can stay updated on the latest at our R.E. facebook page

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Hello Again!

My family leave time was amazing, challenging, funny, strange, and precious. We finally got to meet Emery Tyler Ferrell, and at 3 months, we are just starting to get to show him the world. He has been patient with Brian and I as we bumble through early parenthood, and when he smiles, he lights up all the corners of my heart. He is doing so well, and I look forward to introducing you to him in a few weeks when he is a little bigger.